Advantages of ATLAS TMT

Using the World’s latest technology, ATLAS Steel Bars draw their strength from computer controlled in line process of hardening & tempering using hot rolling (TMT). After leaving the last rolling stand at the required temperature, the hot rolled bar passes through a set of specially designed cooling pipes. The outer layer gets cooled while the core is still hot. The surface of the bar gets self-tempered by the heat from the core. The combination of a tempered martensite surface and ferrite + fine pearlite core provides considerably higher strength and ductility to the finished material, making it ideally suited for building strong structures.

Features of ATLAS TMT Bars


Every ATLAS TMT Bar is made from pure steel, with the latest technology, controlled chemistry, supervised by expert metallurgists and engineers, coupled with state-of-the-art manufacturing process - making ATLAS TMT the most preferred rebar in the Country and Abroad. Our TMT Bars are available in Fe 415, 500 & 550 grades which are much stronger than conventional CTD Bars.


Increasing strength with higher elongation is one of the unique features of ATLAS TMT Bars. Our TMT Bars show up to 50% more elongation than conventional CTD Bars without compromising on strength, thus ensuring critical safety in seismic zones as well.

Bending Properties

ATLAS TMT Bars display excellent bending and re-bending properties which makes it easy to work with and safe in hazardous situations.


Due to its low carbon content, ATLAS TMT Bars can be used for butt-welding and lap-welding without reducing its strength at the weld joints.

Corrosion Resistant

ATLAS TMT Bars show negligible rusting in comparison to the conventional CTD Bars, due to its advanced manufacturing process and absence of residual stress. This ensures a longer life of the concrete structure.

Fire Resistant

ATLAS TMT Bars have higher thermal stability in comparison to conventional CTD Bars and can retain more than 80% of its ambient temperature yield strength at 300C, thus making it safer even in Fire Hazards

Fatigue Resistant

Due to high strength at the surface layer, ATLAS TMT Bars show a unique feature of high fatigue resistance on dynamic loading.


ATLAS TMT Bars are manufacturing using the latest International technology, giving up to 20% stronger concrete structure in the same quantity of steel; thus offering International quality TMT bars with huge financial savings.

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